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Why We Serve

We, at Hopkins Global Solutions, perceived a problem with missions that come to developing communities and provide relief without the input of the community and their officials. They provide food or clothing, a fix to a temporary problem although necessary and essential, and they lack the desire or wherewithal to fix the root of the issue. They provide the communities with fish instead of instructing them on how to fish for themselves. We want to support developing communities in their particulars areas of interest and need. We believe in business as a mission. We serve developing communities by assisting them in establishing sustainable infrastructures, such as roads, water sanitation, and education. Which enables the communities served to obtain and sustain a prosperous society long after our service is complete. We want to help you with your direct needs and areas of importance for your community. We want to partner with you to generate businesses and jobs, transfer technology and training in your community. We are resourceful and innovative in the programs we operate and create for our clients and partners.


Procurement services is those related to finding, agreeing on terms and acquiring goods, equipment, services or works such as water filters, healthcare and agricultural, construction, and machinery.

Commercial and Residential Construction

Commerical and Residential Construction services are those related to all phases of Constructing Commercial and Residential building projects, including the construction including maintenance, piping, and wiring of projects such as…

Agricultural Development

Agricultural Development services is those related to the procurement of agricultural machinery and equipment to, domestic and agricultural production and marketing of produce in order to help provide food security.


Industrialization services are those related to the development of manufacturing.

Equipments and Supplies

Equipment and Supply services are aimed at a reliable source to provide all types of equipment including but not limited to construction, agricultural, food processing, transportation, electrical generation, treatment, and…

Community Development

Community Development services are designed to assist developing countries in creating sustainable programs and sectors that will create economic opportunity and equality.

International Relations

International Relations services is those related to conducting business with Foreign Governments and Institutions through trade, commerce and finding projects and new avenues of intervention.


Infrastructure services are those related to delivering projects such as water, irrigation, sanitation, sewage, roads, and energy.

Mining and Material Trade Projects

Mining and Material projects services are aimed at supplying the machinery and equipment and efficiently processing the entire project from the mining to processing, storing, and transporting the raw materials.

African girls and women sorting coffee beans on coffee farm, Ethiopia, Africa. Little children are working under tables - they picking up every single coffee bean dropped accidentally by women and putting these dropped coffee beans back on the tables.

Youth Empowerment

Empower youth to obtain a high-quality education and harness trade and skills in order to have financial security and to uplift their family and community.

Water Mobilization, Purification, and Treatment Harvesting

We provide water Mobilization, Purification, and Treatment Harvesting services such as the maximization of agricultural production with the construction boreholes and solar pumps or the procurement water filtration systems for…


Promoting and encouraging youth and adults to seek and obtain high education and putting systems in place so individuals are able to receive a high-quality educational system whether they are…