Mission Trip to Kenya

Makueni, Kitui, Baringo, and Nandi, Kenya | October 18, 2018

Challenge: Providing relief in the communities of Kenya

Hopkins Global Solutions believes in business as a mission and before we began any business ventures in Kenya we wanted to first sow a seed of love and life into the communities of Kenya. To do this, we donated over 400 water filtration systems to the counties of Makueni, Kitui, Baringo, and Nandi.

Why water?

We decided to donate water filtration systems because most of the medical care in developing nations like Kenya is dedicated to the treatment of waterborne illnesses. Once you give you give communities access to clean and drinkable water they no longer have to trek miles for water and cut down trees to boil water. These devices we donated is a small donation and will empower and provide relief for these communities.